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Friday, July 29, 2016

Joyful Noise Infant Room August 2016 Newsletter

J.N. Infant Room August 2016
Water, Water Everywhere

  This month's theme is "Water, Water, Everywhere." Our color focus is on Aqua Blue. We will be talking and reading about boats, fish, turtles and other aquatic creatures. While playing outside in the water, we will do some sink or float experiments. 
   * Swimwear for the older children has been very helpful. Thanks to all of you who sent them in. We will continue to incorporate some water play in to our days when we can. It is so enjoyable & refreshing this time of year.

 The older children who will be transitioning later in August have been spending time with the toddlers and getting acquainted with the room and teachers.

 Exploring at the Farmer's Market.

Getting so big! Having fun in the classroom.
Mathematics & measuring through water play.
Too cool for school, walking to the bread store
Water play, hip, hip, hurrah!
Couldn't take anymore excitement.

Painting with our stampers.
In the shade of our umbrella is a great place to play on a hot day.

 Hanging out with the big kids.