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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Joyful Noise Infant Parents,                                        April 2014

 Is it safe to say, Spring is on its way? We can hope. The infant room is full of activities and growth these days. We have 5-6 more children now walking around. It is so fun to watch them grow and master new skills. We are going to try and make time to get to the rec room but we only have a small window with working around the big kid’s schedule. Hopefully we will be able to get out to our little play-yard soon, too.

 On April 3 &4 the lead teachers will be attending the MiAEYC Conference in Grand Rapids. This is always a good time of learning and recharging the batteries. I am hoping to come back refreshed with new ideas for our little ones.

 Our theme for the month is, “For God so Loved the World.” We will be reading age appropriate books on Easter and possibly doing a craft or two. Our color focus will be on Purple. Congratulations to Jaxson and family on being late month’s top book order. This month’s order incentive theme will be, “April Showers”. Book orders will be due on the 10th so we can get them here in time for Easter.

 New Michigan regulations state that no one over 4 months may use a swaddler and it is still no blankets until a year old. So if your child is in between you may want to consider bring in a sleep sack.      

A big thank you for remembering to mark all bottles, caps and food. This is not only helpful but a state requirement.  Please remember to put all eating changes in writing.  This would include adding new foods, adding a meal, and also, foods you want to shy away from for now.

 Staff is scheduled around children’s usual hours. If you need to bring your child early or have them stay late, please check with the office ahead of time to get approval. 2-3 days advance notice would be best.

Looking forward to another month of fun and learning,

  Looking for our “Baby Yoga DVD” that we allow parents to borrow. I have an interested parent , if you have this at home could you please return. J