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Friday, February 27, 2015

March 2015 Newsletter

Dear Infant Room Families,                                                March 2015

Wow, is this the winter that just won’t end. I think we may be living in Narnia, where it is always winter. On a happier note the first day of Spring is officially later this month, so we do have hope.  
For our monthly theme of the month we are going somewhere over the rainbow where skies are blue and warm! “Somewhere Over the Rainbow it is Raining Cats and Dogs” is our theme. We will be reading books about animal friends and rainbows. If you have pictures of your family pets you could bring in, that would be great. We will incorporate them into a book for the classroom. Our color of the month is Sky Blue, which we hope to see a lot more of. As you may have noticed we do many of our crafts with hand and foot prints so don’t be alarmed when your little one comes home with a little color between the toes or around the nail beds. We do try to clean up as best we can.

Please be sure to inform us in writing of any feeding and nap changes, medications, health or daily progress concerns. Feel free to call the classroom’s direct line at 847-3512, as needed. I am usually here 7:00-3:00 daily.

We are hoping for bluer skies, warmer temperatures and healthier bodies in the month to come. We continue to thank all of you who keep children home when they are not 100%.  This is not only best for your child but it also goes a long way in keeping everyone in the room healthier.  We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and your personal sacrifice. 

 Thanks to everyone who has given items through our giving tree! Our room is usually in need of unscented wipes and Puff+ style tissues, for those of you who have asked. Thank you for your generosity!

Looking forward to warmer days ahead,