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Friday, September 5, 2014

September Newsletter 2014

Dear Infant Room Parents,                                                                  Sept.  2014

  Wow, we are beginning September already and as you have seen, we have been busy in the infant room. We have new children starting weekly. Please be sure to introduce yourself to new parents as you see them.  Our annual Open House is Thursday, September 4th, 6:30-7:30. Please feel free to come and bring grandparents or others, if you would like.

  General information about the room: 1) Infant care is on demand, as required by daycare licensing, this includes eating and sleeping. 2) We will try to follow your home schedule as close as we can in our setting. 3) Each month we will have a theme and a color focus. We have simple activities that we will do during the day as their interest and time permits. Check your child’s daily sheet to see what they have been doing during the day. 4) 2nd stage Baby foods, Gerber rice & oatmeal cereal, and Joyful Noise menu items are available for your child. Please let us know (preferably in writing) what and when you would like us to feed them.  5) We will be using basic baby sign language with the children as we go about our daily tasks. I have print outs available and they are also found in your packet.
  Our theme for the month is: “Getting into the Swim of Learning” and our color focus is: Light Blue. We'll be talking and reading about boats, fish, turtles and other aquatic creatures. With infant care being on-demand we naturally will not have a group schedule but will be offering growth activities on an individual basis.

  A few important reminders:  Please make sure your child has a change of clothes or two in their cubbies, footwear for walkers and, a jacket or sweater for outside time - you never know about our ever changing Michigan weather.  Leftover Bottles are dumped daily, if left overnight.
*Bottles must be labeled with name & date. Remember to Mark ALL of your child's items with their name or initials, including slippers and coats.
  In an effort to help defray cost, each family is to bring at least one large package of unscented wipes a month for all to share.

  I will try to do monthly newsletters to keep you informed about our room.  We look forward to a wonderful year of gentle early learning. Also, once every month or so I will be sending home a Scholastic book order. This is a great opportunity to get nice books at a great price.
   Please feel free to speak with me if you have any questions or concerns. I am usually here 7:00-3:00 daily.  I appreciate any and all input from you on classroom matters.  Direct room #847-3512.
  Thank you again for allowing us to share this special time with your child,

                                                                                                Miss Marti