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Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 2014 Newsletter

        Dear Infant Parents,                                                           June 2014             

  Hello and welcome to summer! As we change seasons, we will continue on our regular loose format while allowing for more outside time. We have started trying to get out at least once or twice a day with the older children and they are loving it. PLEASE remember it is your responsibility to put on AM sunscreen. We will re-apply in the PM, after nap. Please send shoes & socks and a sunhat.

  Congratulations to Miss Kaleigh and son, Michael for winning last month’s book order incentive. A big thanks to all our families for ordering from Scholastics. Book orders are done for this school year and they will start up again next fall.
  Our theme for the month of June is "It's a Bug's Life".  Our color theme is “Light Green”.  We will be learning about some of God's smallest and most fascinating creatures.  We hope to be reading some cute bug books as well as bug hunting in the play yard.  We can usually find some ladybugs, ants, and worms.   We will also be working with the children on not being afraid of bugs.  We try to keep it very low key about flies, bees and the like.  We tell them "Shoo fly no bother me".  While I don't want them befriending every bug they see, I also don't want them to be so afraid that they can't enjoy their time outside.  After all we do live in Michigan and bugs are an unavoidable fact of life. 
 As for Tinies and Tweenies we will be working around nap times and try to spend some time outside. We have a wonderful grassy play yard designed just for them. It can be a bit of a challenge with all the oral exploration they like to do and texture issues with the grass but so worth it.

                             Thank you for taking time to read this I appreciate it,

  FOUR IMPORTANT REMINDERS:                                                       

   #1  No crocs or sandals for walkers!                                     
   #2  LABEL all of your child's belongings!
   #3  Each family should be bringing in at least one large package of  
          Wipes a month & Soft Tissues, if you are able.
   #4  With vacation time here, please remember to let the JN office 
           know in writing what days your child will be gone.                           
 Thank you!!